About Us

Gabinete de Fisiología Digestiva Integral SA de CV.

Cofepris Licence Number – 213300536X0019, Dated – 08 January 2021


The Gabinete de Fisiología Digestiva Integral (The Integral Digestive Physiology Medical Centre) is committed to delivering a responsible and etic service to all those patients requiring an integral diagnosis of their gastrointestinal health. We aim to offer specialized check-ups in gastroenterology with respect, privacy and high-quality standards. We also offer studies in Panendoscopy, Colonoscopy, High-Speciality Motility Studies and Digestive Physiology using high technology equipment. Our approach ensures the patient feels safe and confident with a reliable diagnosis.


Our vision is to consolidate the Integral Digestive Physiology Medical Centre offering specialized services in gastroenterology. We have as our main objective the satisfaction of our patients, applying solid values, ethics and professionalism. Thus, we seek to bring an excellent and trustworthy medical service that achieves our patients’ expectations through constant training and academic formation in diverse specialities and Neurogastroenterology.


We are a reliable team with high integrity and responsibility standards; we pursue to transmit safeness and security to our patients through respect and empathy. When our Gastroenterology, Digestive Physiology or Gastrointestinal Motility services are required, we conduct our duty honestly and resiliently. Also, we commit to bringing human and amiable treatment to our patients and their relatives or companions.